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The driving force behind Reverse LLC’s mission to combat climate change. As the founder and visionary leader of our organization, Brian brings a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to the forefront of sustainable innovation.


Brian Beitner

Brian Beitner’s passion for ecology and conservation ignited at a young age when he led his first Earth Day cleanup at 12. Since then, he has remained dedicated to environmental causes, serving with organizations like the Trust for Public Land, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, and the Alliance for Climate Education. Today, his unwavering focus is on the critical battle against climate change.

In his professional career, in investment management, Brian has worked as an analyst, trader, Director of Research, strategist and portfolio manager, Across the years he has promoted investing in high quality companies that were among other things good environmental stewards. His career spanned positions at notable firms, including Bear Stearns, DLJ, Scudder Stevens & Clark, and the TCW Group. In 2009, he founded Chautauqua Capital Management (CCM) in Boulder, Colorado. At CCM he achieved top decile, global equity investment performance, over the full length of his investment record.

Brian holds a BA in Public Affairs and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He is also a CFA charter holder. His extensive experience has led to interviews with notable publications like Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and more. Presently, he chairs the Board of Directors of Climate Emergency Advocates.

Global Cause:

A Commitment to Reverse Environmental Damage

As a global investor, he witnessed firsthand, the damage and disruption caused by mono crop farming, resource extraction and single use products. In order to reverse the damage intelligent approaches need to be deployed quickly. This will require collaboration between funder, policy makers and non-profit organizations. With the conclusion of a successful career, he now has the time and resources to apply his deep expertise in finance, philanthropy and public policy and engage his vast network of colleagues and friends to aid in reversing the damage that has caused climate change.

Philanthropy Work

Brian Beitner is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world through philanthropic initiatives. His work in this area reflects his passion for environmental sustainability and global well-being.

Financial Acumen

With extensive experience in finance, Brian Beitner possesses a strong understanding of financial systems and investment strategies. His expertise contributes to innovative solutions for renewable energy projects.

Policy Advocacy

Brian’s advocacy work involves collaborating with policymakers to drive change in support of sustainable energy solutions. His influence in the realm of policy is pivotal to the mission of Reverse LLC.

Innovative Vision

Brian’s forward-thinking and innovative approach is a driving force behind the groundbreaking solutions developed by Reverse LLC. His vision shapes the path towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our Mission:

Reversing environmental damage for a cleaner, brighter future.

Reverse LLC drives environmental sustainability through finance, policy, and philanthropy.

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Our mission: Reversing environmental damage for a cleaner, brighter future.
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